Since Soviet times, the “Kyrgyz Cognac” products’ quality was repeatedly noted by diplomas and medals at various international exhibitions and fairs.


9 large and small silver medals.


3 gold, 2 silver medals (Budapest).


1 silver medal (Ljubljana).


3 silver, 1 bronze medal (Tbilisi).


1 gold, 1 bronze medal (Sofia).


1 gold, 1 silver medal (Yalta).


1 silver medal (Czechoslovakia).


1 silver medal, diploma of the 2nd degree (Budapest).


Diploma of 1 degree (VDNKh).


Bronze medal to the team of specialists for achievements in the field of winemaking.

In the post-Soviet period, “Kyrgyz Cognac” continues to honor the title of the largest and the best cognac producer in the Republic. At the first international competition of cognacs in Tiraspol (Moldova, 1997), among 20 factories that produce cognacs: the KS “Manas-1000” was awarded a gold medal and diploma, KV “Kyrgyzstan” and KVVK “Manas” were awarded silver medals and diplomas, ordinary cognacs: Cognac 3 stars and Cognac 5-star “Bishkek” received bronze medals and diplomas.

At the contest of elite cognacs held in Yerevan (Armenia, 1997), Kyrgyz cognacs KS “Manas-1000”, KVVK “Manas” were awarded gold medals and diplomas, KV “Kyrgyzstan” cognac was awarded a silver medal and a diploma. At the international competition of cognacs “Crimea-98”, organized by the World Association of Grapes and Wines, KS “Manas-1000”, KVVK “Manas”, KV “Kyrgyzstan” and “Bishkek” – 5 stars cognacs, were awarded gold medals, among 92 submitted samples. Also, at international exhibitions – “Eko-98”, “Bishkek-97”, “Kyrgyzstan-99”, “Kyrgyzstan-2001” and “Kyrgyzstan-2002”, our cognacs were awarded gold medals and diplomas.

At the international contest “Yalta. Golden Gryphon – 2003 “, that was held at the end of June 2003 in Yalta, our cognacs were awarded the following medals: KS “Manas epos 1000 year” – gold medal, KV “Kyrgyzstan” – gold medal, KVVK “Manas”- a silver medal.

At the XI International Competition “Yalta. Golden Gryphon 2006” our company presented its golden collection of cognacs, which was appreciated with 4 gold medals: “Enesay” – 20 years of aging, “Epos” – 15 years of aging, “Manas” – 10 years of aging, and “Kyrgyzstan” – 6 years of aging, each of them was awarded a gold medal of quality.

In 2007, the “Kyrgyz Cognac” company presented its elite collection of cognacs at the third international competition of cognacs KVINT-2007 in Tiraspol, “Enesay” – 20 years of aging, “Epos” – 15 years of aging, new items “Elchi” – 9 years of aging, “Eles” – 8 years of aging, “Arashan” – 6 years of aging, “Arashan” 5 stars – 5 years of aging.

In 2008, the company was awarded the “Badge of Honor” award at the third international summit “Leaders of National Economies” in Moscow, which is a sign of recognition of the company’s merits, as the leader in its industry.

2009 was a “harvest year” for the “Kyrgyz Cognac” company, a real golden rain from prestigious international awards was again spilled onto the unique and only company for the whole country. The “Kyrgyz Cognac” company was awarded with the international award “European quality” at the international summit on the island of Malta.

According to the results of the international festival “Choice of the Year” for four seasons: 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, the trade mark “Bishkek” of the “Kyrgyz Cognac” company was recognized as the winner in the nomination “Cognac #1 in Kyrgyzstan”, the trade mark “Kyrgyzstan” in nomination “Cognac premium class #1 in Kyrgyzstan”, the trade mark “Arashan” is recognized as the winner in the nomination “Balsam #1 in Kyrgyzstan”.

From September 26 to September 28, 2012 the IV International competition of cognacs “KVINT-2012” was held, dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the founding of the Tiraspol wine and cognac factory “KVINT”.

Among the 18 participant plants and 68 sample nominees, the “Kyrgyz Cognac” company presented 5 samples of cognacs and all of them returned with awards: cognac “Bakai” of the OS 30 years category received GRAND PRIX, KS vintage cognacs 12 years aged and KVVK cognacs 9 years aged have both received gold medal, and finally KV “Kyrgyzstan” cognacs aged 6-7 years and “Arashan” 5 years have both received silver medal.

In May 2013 in Moscow, cognacs and balsams of the “Kyrgyz Cognac” company were awarded a gold mark at the contest “All-Russian brand (III millennium). Quality mark of the ХХ1 century “(Moscow, VVC, Resolution No.43 of 17.05.2013, registration № 02913B9312).

In 2013, “Kyrgyz Cognac” became the owner of the Quality Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic.

State award

Decree of the Government

of the Kyrgyz Republic on

29.01.2014 №57 the prize of the Kyrgyz Republic on quality 2013 is awarded to the “Kyrgyz Cognac” LLC for achieving significant results in the field of products quality and implementation of highly effective quality management methods.