Elite cognacs

The “Kyrgyz Сognac” company produces “Golden Collection” of Kyrgyz cognacs of unsurpassed quality. The collection is represented by three masterpieces of Kyrgyz cognac art.

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Unsurpassed taste, perfect quality, accompanied by a delicate aroma of honey and oak, will give a true pleasure. It is produced from cognac alcohol of middle age not less than 4 years.

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From the legendary producer of famous cognacs of the “Kyrgyz Cognac” company we represent “Altyn Muras” (Golden Heritage) collection: Brandy “Old Town”, “Frunze”, “Pishpek”, “Southern Capital”. Brandy is produced according to a special recipe.

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The freshness and vitality of healing mountain plants create this balm. Grasses, barely parted with the gentle dew of the early morning, were collected in the mountain valleys of our Kyrgyzstan to become the true sources of youth and health!

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Strong drinks

Noble chocolate taste harmoniously complements the high-quality cognac alcohol, creating a composition of rich aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.

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About company

Kyrgyz Konyagy is the largest cognac producer in the Kyrgyz Republic, widely known not only in the republic itself, but also abroad.

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Last news

The results of the contest!

16 Jan, 2018

Good day, dear Friends! So, the national competition for a new name of brandy, that lasted a whole month has finished! As it was promised, the winners for each winning title (2 titles — 2 winners) will be awarded with five boxes of cognac. It remains just a little bit. The results will be announced

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The people’s winner!

The national contest came to its logical conclusion and we are ready to announce the names of the winners. Each of them were the lucky owners of five boxes of brandy – Eleman Almazbekov (1st place) and Ablabekov Nurgeldi (2nd place)! Congratulations on your victory! Unfortunately, and for the obvious reasons, we cannot voice the

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